Best cocktail evar! Tequila infused with my home-grown chilies, spicy ginger beer, and lime. It has a nice bite up front from the ginger and a slow, long heat from the chili.

You should feel sad that you are not drinking this right now. (at Chez Alberta)

Tomatoes galore! Had to use up all the ripe #garden tomatoes before leaving for 3 days, so I made roasted tomato soup using almost entirely ingredients I grew: tomatoes, red chilies, Thai basil, Swiss chard, marjoram, and a few other things. So tasty!

New tattoo! Can ‘to wait to see it finished :) (at Read Street Tattoo Parlor)

I was pretty into this color palette today. Time for a new project. (at Brighton Beach)

Wind-powered mine sweeper. #Genius. (at Museum of Modern Art (MoMA))

Working on an awesome new presentation. #notyourgrandmaspowerpoint

Pull/Drift #dance @effervescentyes #latergram (at Patapsco State Park)

Lazy Saturday at the Keyesoreno house. #cute (at Chez Alberta)

I want a mailbox in the shape of my house. #shoehouse (at The Haines Shoe House)

#Ephemera. (at Stokes Farm)