Jungle dog mows ur lawn with her mighty jaws.

Hard to believe that this was a popular skinny dipping spot just a few years ago… (at Stokes Farm)

Wore my jazz shoes to my audition tonight with Bayside Big Band. Win! They all loved me, and I’m going to be added to the regional sub list on alto and bari. So happy to be playing again after nearly a decade away.

Best cocktail evar! Tequila infused with my home-grown chilies, spicy ginger beer, and lime. It has a nice bite up front from the ginger and a slow, long heat from the chili.

You should feel sad that you are not drinking this right now. (at Chez Alberta)

Tomatoes galore! Had to use up all the ripe #garden tomatoes before leaving for 3 days, so I made roasted tomato soup using almost entirely ingredients I grew: tomatoes, red chilies, Thai basil, Swiss chard, marjoram, and a few other things. So tasty!

New tattoo! Can ‘to wait to see it finished :) (at Read Street Tattoo Parlor)

I was pretty into this color palette today. Time for a new project. (at Brighton Beach)

Wind-powered mine sweeper. #Genius. (at Museum of Modern Art (MoMA))

Working on an awesome new presentation. #notyourgrandmaspowerpoint

Pull/Drift #dance @effervescentyes #latergram (at Patapsco State Park)