Time to set some life goals!


Innovation expert Kaihan Krippendorff uses hip-hop star Drake’s path to achieving his goal of $25 million by the age of 25 to demonstrate his 30-minute strategy for reaching your goals.

1. After you are gone
This is an outcome you will not achieve in your lifetime but it is the reason you get up and push ahead every day.
Drake Example: To make genre-cracking music that connects emotionally with his audience.

2. The end
This is a picture (or vision) of what you will achieve or what you will become in the long-term, usually 3 to 10 years from now. Define 1 to 3 metrics, and their values, that will tell you that you have achieved your long-term vision. 
Drake Example: To be known by Dec. 31, 2016, as one of the greatest musical artists in the world; to be indefinable, with music that crosses genres; to have multiple houses and a private jet.

3. The next chapter (12-18 months)
What must you achieve in the next 12 to 18 months to know you are on the path and by what metrics will you judge that the plot is unfolding as you desire?
Drake Example: To have released by Dec. 31, 2014, one of the biggest albums of the year.

4. Plot actions (12-18 months)
What 3 to 5 actions (or strategic priorities) will you focus on continuously for the next 12 to 18 months to reach this chapter’s conclusion?
Drake Example: Release best album yet; continue improving music and performance; launch successful tour.

5. The first scene (the next 3 months)
What 1 to 5 key metrics will you focus on in the next three months (and who is responsible)?
Drake Example: 15 songs recorded that he thinks are awesome; 120 total hours practiced.

[Drake Image: AP Images]